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The LA Waterfront at the Port of Los Angeles offers historical landmarks, communal charm, and a plethora of picturesque backgrounds that will impress your social media audience. Finding these local treasures doesn't have to be a difficult feat for first-time visitors who want to sneak in a photo op while touring the area. Ranked in no particular order, here are five great places to take a solid selfie on the LA Waterfront.

1. Battleship IOWA

250 S. Harbor Blvd., San Pedro

Located in the heart of the Port of Los Angeles, the Battleship IOWA victoriously prevails in size and in historical meaning. Once aboard, take advantage of hosted tours or self-guided exploration in order to learn more about the voyage once traveled by the IOWA. This attraction will capture your patriotic spirit and offers breathtaking views from a unique vantage point.




2. Korean Friendship Bell

3601 S. Gaffey Street, San Pedro

The Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro is another treasure. Given to the United States by The Republic of Korea in 1976, the Korean Bell stands for peace and friendship. It’s a local landmark that offers 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean. Looking off into the distance, the ocean seems like an endless oasis; looking right below you will see Point Fermin Park, which offers striking views of the LA Waterfront coastline.




3. Downtown Harbor

504 S. Harbor Blvd., San Pedro


Photo opportunities are limitless at Downtown Harbor, the centerpiece of the LA Waterfront in San Pedro. Tip: Take full length pictures both in portrait and landscape setting, in order to capitalize on the Vincent Thomas Bridge backdrop. Walking along Downtown Harbor, every twist and turn leads into a new area that is photo worthy. Use this location as your photography playground and you will not be disappointed with the results in your photo gallery!




4. The Banning Museum

401 E. M Street, Wilmington


The Banning residence in Wilmington is a hidden treasure. This museum pays homage to Phineas Banning, an important figure who founded the city of Wilmington and also became known as the “Father of Los Angeles Harbor.” While touring his home built in 1864, visitors will appreciate the architecture of the property and the meaning it holds to the local community. This location offers a different perspective, as it allows the subject to transport themself to another era of that once lived by Banning himself. Today’s technology meets yesterday’s charm at the Banning Museum.





5. Banning's Landing Community Center

100 E. Water Street, Wilmington

Capture the rich scenery and quiet serenity at Banning’s Landing Community Center in Wilmington. Look for the bronze statue of Phineas Banning and get a selfie with Banning with the bustle of the Port in the distance. Look at Los Angeles Harbor through his eyes and imagine what he saw more than 150 years ago long before the Port of Los Angeles became America’s #1 port.






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