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The dog days of summer are upon us. Consider coming to the LA Waterfront, a playground for you and your best friend to run or relax, depending on both your energy levels. There are a variety of options along the LA Waterfront that are safe, clean and dog-friendly, with jaw-dropping views of the busiest port in the nation, the Port of Los Angeles. Whether you want to catch up with fellow dog owners or seek solitude with your four-legged pal, there's something here for everyone. Ready to plan your doggy day trip? Listed below are seven (free!) places to take your dog on the LA Waterfront. (Photos by Instagram users @foxyladyangelfox and @byke42.)

1. Harbor Boulevard Parkway Interactive Fountain*

Harbor Blvd and 2nd Street, San Pedro

When walking along Harbor Boulevard, you won't miss the huge Battleship IOWA, but your dog will be too distracted by the interactive fountain found on the Promenade. There is no boundary between you and the fountain water, where jets leap playfully out of the pavement, allowing children and animals to get as wet as they please. This interactive fountain is a great place to see Spot run, play, and cool off.



2. Knoll Hill Off-Leash Dog Park**

Front Street and Knoll Drive, San Pedro

Your pet will love to run and play off-leash at this fenced dog park and you'll enjoy remarkable views of the Vincent Thomas Bridge and coastal breezes from the top of the hill. With a wood mulch surface, the area is neat and clean and offers plenty of seating for you while your dog frolics. Finding your way to the park can be tricky; enter on Knoll Drive near Front Street, just north of the freeway.



3. Wilmington Waterfront Park**

Harry Bridges Boulevard and C Street, Wilmington

With an elevated view of San Pedro Bay, the largest park in the Los Angeles Harbor Area boasts 30 acres of luscious grass, trees, and gentle grades that will have your dog on cloud nine. Gorgeous plants, paths, and pedestrian bridges accompanied by a wonderful view of the Vincent Thomas Bridge make this park perfect for walking, biking, or getting together with family and friends. This park also features a children's playground that your kids will love, as well as a splash fountain comprised of 40 water jets that everyone will enjoy, especially your dog!



4. Cabrillo Way Marina*

2293 Miner Street, San Pedro

Come and enjoy spectacular waterfront views and a fresh ocean breeze as you stroll alongside the hundreds of magnificent boats that fill the Cabrillo Marina. The tree-lined streets along the promenade add to breathtaking panoramic views of Angels Gate lighthouse perched out on the breakwater as well as offering an up-close look at the WWII Victory-Class cargo ship SS Lane Victory.



5. 22nd Street Park*

140 W. 22nd Street, San Pedro

On a clear day, this 18-acre park can offer views of Mt. Baldy, the Santa Ana Mountains, and of course, San Pedro Bay. Your pets will fall in love with 4.5 acres of flat, grassy area and another 12 acres of open meadow. You will appreciate the numerous walking and biking paths that meander through the 500 trees and 1,700 shrubs living in the park.



6. Cabrillo Beach

3720 Stephen M. White Drive, San Pedro

You and your pet can take a relaxing stroll alongside the gentle beachfront as you witness the awe-inspiring views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Catalina Island. While the water is calm within the breakwater, just outside is the ocean surf -- perfect for those trying to catch some waves. Although dogs are not allowed on the sand, the fishing pier that parallels the breakwater makes for an equally enjoyable route.



7. Wilmington Marina Parkway**

Anchorage and Shore Roads, Wilmington

Take your pet on a walk along this new three-acre path lined with over 200 trees and 2,500 shrubs. Picnic tables, benches, and lighting make this parkway an ideal location to walk, play, or simply relax with your pet, while watching the boats go by in the adjacent Wilmington marinas.



*water bowls available at this location.

**water bowls and pet stations available at this location.



Photo by Instagram user @foxyladyangelfox

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